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Poetry B.L.O.C: making a difference

The success of Jamaican Poets has helped them to secure their place as positive mentors when they choose to be. Their influence is firm and undeniable, and our culture magnetic to say the least. Our blessed little island has captivated the world with our authentic and appealing art. Poetry B.L.O.C has been one of a select group of entertainers at the forefront for years, not just with their Literature and style, but also with philanthropy.

Poetry B.L.O.C has adopted the Sunbeam Boys Homes via Raising A Nation Foundation and has committed to donating 50% of Food for Thought proceedings to Raising A Nation Foundation to assist with providing well-needed provisions. Poetry B.L.O.C will also set up donation boxes for canned food donations from the patrons. Also woefully inadequate is the number of beds and clothes for the children at the home. Poetry BLOC leader Webb will continue to extend the reach of love with his non-stop aid for the unfortunate and homeless.

In October 2017, Poetry BLOC will echo the call for love of humanity. Food for Thought will be held on the lawns of the Jazz & Blues themed Caribbean Fusion Cuisine Cafe Redbones Cafe, 1 Argyle Road, on Thursday, October 19, 2017. It will be a benefit Art, Fashion and Poetry show staged by Poetry B.L.O.C in association with

Raising a Nation FOUNDATION and PRO Talks Motivation. where 50% proceeds will be in aid of the Sunbeam Boys Home. The Gala with a difference will be complemented by Poets and fashion designers with Poetry Bloc as the Headliner.

Persons Contributing via talent to the cause, will include the humanitarian works of “Poetry B.L.O.C” ( D’maverick, Ash, Shania, Stewie, Andrew B, Wayne, Kadine Johnson, Brandon and Everard “Esquire” Smith), the authors of the Amazon best seller The Art of Poetry, Pieces of Me and Birth and the winners of Redbones Cafe coveted Poetry Awards; "Oshane Panton”, the founder of PRO Talks Motivation, "Poetess Erika", the author with a big heart and the writer of over three successful collections. “Spolly”, a renowned underground roots/dub/Reggae king with a heap of surprises, “Wise Wurdz”, “Maysun” the St. Andrew's High School Literary Genius; “GrannMaster Sage” whose performance can simply be called poetry in motion and “Cool and Dreadly”.

Patrons will be awed, when the eye-catching designs of the new Fashion sensations "Young Addiction Designs' and "LustYush Designs' raise their eyebrows while the captivating poetic prose plays from their perspective, and raises their IQ. Their host will be no other than Comedian Leighton Smith, who is no stranger to enticing a crowd. With less than two months to go before curtain call, organizing is well on its way to producing the masterpiece that is "Food for Thought".

Anyone interested in getting involved as a sponsor, designer, member of the press, or volunteer should contact

We look forward to seeing you at this historic event on October 19, 2017.